Who are we?

Our network is made up of:

Brazil-based project partner: the NGO Thydêwá, http://thydewa.org/, working with indigenous communities for intercultural dialogue and social regeneration in Bahia. Main contact: Sebastián Gerlic. Project coordination team: Dr Maria Pankararu, Nhenety Kariri-Xocó and Anna Campagnac.

Colombia-based project partner: the Pueblos en Camino communication-action initiative, http://pueblosencamino.org/, working with indigenous communities and other activists for alternatives to development in Cauca.

UK-based academic team: Prinicipal Investigator, Thea Pitman, University of Leeds; and Co-Investigator, Matthew Brown, University of Bristol.

Brazil-based academic team: Co-Investigator, Giuseppe Cocco, with organisational support from Carolina Salamão, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.

Colombia-based academic team: Co-Investigator, Jorge Mauricio Escobar Sarria, together with Ismael Cardozo and Mónica Valencia, Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, Cali.

UK-based project coordinator: Anni Raw, University of Leeds.

UK-based academic mentor: Polly Wilding, University of Leeds.

Our Steering Group comprises the four academic members, the main contacts for each project partner, and the UK-based project coordinator and academic mentor.

We also have an Ethics Committee to address relevant ethical issues where necessary. This is made up of the following members:

In Brazil: Potyra Tê Tupinambá, Mayá Pataxó-Hã Hã Hãe, Dr Graça Graúna (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco)

In Colombia: TBC