‘Gaia 2018’, by Selma Kahn

Every age, every stage of life meets here, the field of play, of thinner skins and opening hearts.

This field where the veils between worlds stretch open in the luminous dawn,

where magic and nature spirits are but a breath away

and the utter beauty of fecund nature catches in your throat.

Joyous moments abound, as our children scamper like lambs in the intoxicating freedom.

Is this real, we ask ourselves, is it an illusion that we should feel so happy,

here in this place where its so easy to be the best of ourselves?

Only two fields away and a bumpy track lies the rest of the world, a world apart.

And we cocooned in our little bit of heaven drink in the earth medicine,

grounded, connected, simplified, creative, playful, open, we remember who we are,

in all our magnificence.

And the medicine sustains us, touches the very fibre of our being

so that we can remember that this is the real world.

The true riches are here: land, water, sun, sky, sweet air, animals, birds, us, Gaia.


Selma Khan, June 2018